Create new scene

To use it you’ll need any modern browser with Adobe Flash plug-in installed and optional a place to host the map (most forums and image hosting service will do just fine). That’s all, you don’t even have to register!

Step 1: Add map

Host a map anywhere direct linking is possible. For example, create a new forum post with your map attached to it. Paste the link to your map into map image url box. To try, you can use sample one or create new map in a couple of minutes with Dungeon Painter.

Step 2: Add tokens

Add characters using the “add token” button. You can either use link to in image (forum avatar will generally do) or try one of over 30 tokens from the library. You can set token’s name and size.

Step 3: Set positions

To move tokens, press “view” button in the lower part of the screen. Move the tokens by dragging and dropping.

Step 4: Share

After you’ve placed all the characters, press the “copy forum link to clipboard” button and paste it into the post. The player who follows the link will see the map the way it was when you copied the link and make his next move, moving his token. After making the move he copies the link to clipboard and pastes it into his post. Map, token and their position data is kept in the links in bastardized JSON. If your forum has embedding flash into posts enabled, you can fit map right into the post. Player won’t need to follow the link. If you play via any messenger or chat, just exchange the links in the chat window to see current positions of other characters in the encounter.